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S Jayne Brennan

A successful executive in the Automotive industry and Silicon Valley but behind each success, was a daily battle for self-worth and self-esteem. As a child of sexual abuse and poverty, the anger that propelled her forward also tore her down daily. She has the proverbial “rags to riches” story and wants other people out there, fighting daily, to find inspiration and power in her story. Hope dies last.

She has a passion for helping others, especially young women and people from underserved communities that have faced trauma. Still Standing is her personal story of the Art of the Possible, turning pain into purpose and moving forward daily to be a person that is good and does good.

She takes every day as a gift and works to give back with the gifts she has been given.

She is the proud mother of 2 daughters and finds herself living out of a suitcase as a citizen of the United States but currently makes her home in Los Angeles and Montana.

Step into the embrace of "Still Standing," the heartfelt creation birthed by S Jayne Brennen. As a book doula, I understand the trepidation she felt when revealing her story of pain and vulnerability to the world. There were moments when this precious work almost slipped into the shadows, ready to be placed on a shelf. Yet, something profound stirred within her, reminding her of the tremendous impact her story and life lessons could have on readers like you.


Still Standing

Have you ever experienced the struggle of mustering the strength to rise from your bed each morning? Do you find yourself locked in a battle of self-doubt, questioning your worth despite your genuine care for others? Perhaps you carry the weight of past demons and find it difficult to silence the echoes of the past. Are you a survivor of trauma, yearning to break free from its grasp and reclaim your power?

Today, I invite you to embark on a profound journey as you dive into the pages of "Still Standing." Within these words, you will be immersed in the depths of abuse, depression, and self-loathing. Yet, it is here that you will witness the transformative power of redemption and hope. Through her own courageous triumph over trauma, the author becomes a beacon of inspiration, guiding you to rise above the challenges that life presents.

This book is a sanctuary, a place where you can explore your own resilience and discover the hidden strength that lies within you. It is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the unwavering belief that, even in our darkest moments, there is light waiting to be found.

Take this journey alongside S Jayne Brennen and allow her story to touch your heart. Embrace the wisdom she has gained along her path and find solace in the shared experiences that bind us all. In the end, you will emerge with renewed hope and a deep sense of empowerment.

The world eagerly awaits your embrace of "Still Standing." Let its tender pages wrap around your soul, reminding you that you are not alone. Together, let us celebrate the birth of this remarkable book and the resilience it fosters within us all.

Are you harbouring a powerful pain-to-purpose story, an experience that can impart valuable lessons and make others feel less alone? Allow me to be your guiding light in writing and sharing your narrative with the world. Together, we can unleash a ripple effect of transformation, potentially saving lives and touching countless hearts. Don't hesitate—reach out to me, the Book Doula, and let's embark on this extraordinary journey of storytelling and empowerment.

Kindle Customer | US

“his book is an inspirational read for anyone who feels they are not enough or not deserving or who have faced obstacles in their life. "

giovanna | US

"An easy and fast read, a compelling look at the human side of a big Silicon Valley executive, and lots of lessons learned. Thank you for sharing, Susan!"

Mary Jo Cherney | US

“This book touched me in many ways! You never, ever know what people are going through. Have the courage to get up every morning and keep standing!!”
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